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The real Volkswagen Golf R

By on 18 January, 2015 in News, Photography, Reviews

The real Volkswagen Golf R. This post is an update and long-term ownership review of my Volkswagen Golf R. This is a long-term owner review of the Volkswagen Golf R. I’ve had this car for nearly 12 months, and driven it for 12,000 miles (nearly 20,000 Kilometres). Most reviews will show a pristine version of the Volkswagen Golf R, but hardly ever you’ll see one how it will look in every day use. Volkswagen Golf R For those who don’t know this vehicle, it is a 300Hp all wheel drive hyper hatchback made by Volkswagen. I took ownership of mine nearly a year ago and you can read my first impressions review¬†here. Since its first release the press have unanimously¬†raved about this vehicle. But what is it like from a real owner, someone who drives it every day, someone who has had to live with this car, and someone who has had to deal with its issues, repairs, quirks etc....

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